About Scheme

The scheme aims to empower the minority communities, which are relatively disadvantaged section of society, by assisting them as well as those institutions working for them, towards enhancing their skills and capabilities to make them employable in industries, services and business sectors in addition to the government sector. It has the built-in resilience to adapt itself to the market dynamics on a continuous basis so that the target groups are not deprived of the professional acumen demanded by the changing/emerging market needs and opportunities for employment at domestic as well as international.

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List of Students

Sr. No. Name Father’s Name Community Male / Female
01. Aaftab Mr Jabbar Kha Muslim Male
02. Aaftab Khan Mrs Sadiq Khan Muslim Male
03. Aayesha Mr Ayyub Muslim Female
04. Abdul Ahad Mr Abdul Samad Muslim Male
05. Afreen Khan Mr Iliyas Khan Muslim Female
06. Afroz Mr Munavar Khan Muslim Female
07. Akhlak Hussain Mr Sabir Hussain Muslim Male
08. Amrin Khanam Mr Iliyas Khan Muslim Female
09. Arshad Khan Mr Aslam Khan Mus Muslim Male
10. Arshi Amber Khan Mr Anwar Ahmed Khan Muslim Female
11. Arshin Shaikh Mr Kuddush Moh Shaikh Muslim Female
12. Baqar Khan Mr Shahid Khan Muslim Male
13. Fahima Mansuri Mr Mustafa Mansuri M Muslim Female
14. Faizal Khan Mr Abdul Salim Khan Muslim Male
15. Farheen Abbasi Mr Mohd Aslam Abbasi Muslim Female
16. Farjana Pate Mr Nisar Mo Patel M Muslim Female
17. Fatema Mansoori Mr Mohd Sharafat Husain Mansoori Muslim Female
18. Freen Mr Esrar Noo Muslim Female
19. Ghazala Khan Mr Mohd Mazhar Khan Muslim Female
20. Gulnaz Bee Mr Mohd Rafiq Muslim Female
21. Humera Mansoori M Mr Raise Mohammad Muslim Female
22. Iram Khan Mr Mohd Anwer Khan Muslim Female
23. Juhinaziya Siddiqui Mr Julfikar Siddiqui Muslim Female
24. Juned Ahmed Mr Shageer Ahmed Muslim Male
25. Md Aamir Mansoori Mr Mohd Naushad Muslim Male
26. Mirza Akram Beg Mr Mirza Naim Beg M Muslim Male
27. Mosef Kha Mr Mohbbat Kha Muslim Male
28. Najmun Nisha Mr Abdul Jabbar Muslim Female
29. Najnin Murtuza Mr Mohd Murtuza Muslim Female
30. Nameera Mev Mr Naseer Mev Muslim Female
31. Naziya Mr Waseem Raza Muslim Female
32. Nazma Sultana Mr Mohd Rashid Khan Muslim Female
33. Neha Sheikh Mr Nazeer Sheikh Muslim Female
34. Nilofer Khan Mr Abdul Salam Khan Muslim Female
35. Peenaz Ali Mr Irshad Muslim Female
36. Rahemeen Khan Mr Rauf Khan Muslim Female
37. Rubeena Rangrez Mr Mohammd Iqbal Muslim Female
38. Rubina Mr Mohd Abdul Sattar Muslim Female
39. Rukhsar Rangrej Mr Mohd Iqbal Muslim Female
40. Saba Khan Mr Akil Khan Muslim Female
41. Saba Khan Liyakat Khan Muslim Female
42. Saheia Ansari Mr Zakir Ansar Muslim Female
43. Sana Khan Mr Maksood Khan M Muslim Female
44. Shabista Mansuri Mr Raees Mohammad Mansuri Muslim Female
45. Shadab Mew Mr Mohd Imtiyaz Muslim Male
46. Shaina Mr Moh Sabir Khan Muslim Female
47. Shazia Khan Mr Parvez Khan Muslim Female
48. Sy Yashfin Ali Sy Mansoor Ali Muslim Female
49. Tabul Mr Israr Noor Muslim Female
50. Taskeen Ansari Mr Mehmood Ansari Muslim Female

List of Faculty

For “Free coaching and allied scheme for candidates belonging to minority communities”