At SIM, we transcend horizons! Going beyond the average, putting in that extra mile, extending ourselves to excel and win on all accounts. SIM has a team of full time faculty members and visiting faculties, rich in academic and industry experience. The faculty members have a number of publications to their credit and are also involved in Research and Consultancy activities, which are needed to keep them abreast of the ever-changing and evolving corporate world. The students are encouraged to undertake internship with companies. The focus at SIM is to develop a Complete Student, i. e. a combination of academic and co-curricular skills. We groom our students to face the challenges of the corporate world with a blend of social sensitivity. Besides the requisite managerial skills, the students also attain visionary, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.


Build competent, industry ready, employable, high standard managers/ professional through quality education, exposure to corporate practices at affordable fees.



- Quality academics at high standards of teaching/ training.
- Quality corporate exposure and providing excellent placements.
- Holistic development and entrepreneurial spirits.
- Win - win partnership with corporate to produce managers/ professionals ready to Deliver to corporate/ industry.
- Attract high caliber faculty with patience to teach.